Product Overview

  • MERV 8         
  • Reduces common household dust and particle debris
  • Available in almost any size to fit almost any household heating or cooling system
  • Easy to install and replace every 90 days
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Eliminates offensive odors with baking soda
  • UL Classified

Protection Against

Filter Depth
  • 1"
  • MERV 8
Media Type
  • Wire Backed
Frame Material
  • Clay Coated
Change Frequency
  • 90 Days
The NaturalAire Odor Eliminator with Baking Soda air filter neutralizes common household odors. It uses the power of baking soda to rid your home of offensive odors, while the synthetic media reduces harmful allergens, dust, mold spores and more. The NaturalAire Odor Eliminator with Baking Soda air filter is suitable for a wide variety of HVAC systems and holds a MERV rating of 8, which means it is third-party certified to effectively reduce household dust and particle debris. 

The Power of Baking Soda:

Baking Soda has been used for decades to eliminate lingering, offensive kitchen and household odors. NaturalAire Odor Eliminator with Baking Soda air filters utilizes baking soda's incredible power for exceptional HVAC filters. The special qualities of baking soda give it powerful antiseptic properties. Since baking soda is a safe, naturally occurring substance, you can feel secure with the knowledge that the air in your home or office will be fresh, clean, and free of offensive odors.

Contaminants Captured

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