Product Overview

  • Reduces contaminants that may cause allergies 
  • Optimal airflow to minimize strain on HVAC equipment
  • Up to 25% more efficient at capturing large particles than the Dust & Lint filter
  • MERV 8 
  • Easy to install and lasts up to 90 days
  • UL Classified

Protection Against

Filter Depth
  • 1"
  • MERV 8
Media Type
  • Wire Backed
Frame Material
  • Clay Coated
Change Frequency
  • 90 Days
This filter protects against ragweed pollen, mold spores, dust mite debris, pet dander, and lint. Low airflow resistance saves on energy costs while still protecting furnace and air conditioning units. This filter lasts up to 90 days.

Contaminants Captured

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