Laser Cutting Reduced 

An automated laser cutting table is often employed when sheet metal is to be cut in order to produce numerous shaped components. The raw material sheet / plate is laid on the table and clamped in position. The table top is made from a sacrificial metal grid which supports the plate but readily allows the passage of air. The void below the grid may be divided into multiple chambers and down-daft air is drawn from one or more of the chambers beneath the cutting location by means of dampers and a manifold duct system.  The metallic fume created by the high temperature precise cutting operation is drawn downwards into the table and then away via a spark trap to the filter and clean-side fan set. The OptiFlo RC is ideal for this application. Although the fume is copious  the OptiFlo RC will not need frequent emptying as the fume weight is minimal despite being highly visible and posing a significant health risk if not drawn away and filtered.