Cooking Reduced

Hot processing of food material may take place in a factory environment or in a kitchen attached to a fast food outlet, traditional restaurant or workplace canteen. There will always be water vapor and often there will be oily or fatty vapors, odors and occasionally smoke. Many common types of industrial filtration equipment cannot be used. For this reason a small wet scrubber is ideal. A typical system will comprise a hood, canopy or enclosure followed by ductwork, some filtration equipment and then a fan and final discharge. Sometimes grease filters may be incorporated into the canopy. Ideally the length of ductwork prone to fatty depositions should be kept to a minimum. Accidental fires are known to occur at kitchen cooking ranges and must be prevented from propagating through the ductwork and potentially setting alight the building. The RotoClone W is a compact scrubber able to deal with oils fats and particulates. It is also an air mover (fan) and fire barrier making it ideal for this application.