Disposal of wastes by means of incineration is an increasingly popular solution. Incineration is a process that involves the combustion of organic substances found in waste materials and converts the combustible material into ash, flue gas and heat. The combustion process must be at a sufficiently high temperature and of adequate duration so that complete destruction of odors and pathogens is assured. The waste heat can be used for district heating or to power steam driven electrical generators. The flue gases will contain not only particulates but potentially a range of other contaminants including acid gasses, mercury vapor and dioxins. The flue gas treatment system – air pollution control system – must be designed to deal with the anticipated pollutants. Techniques such as lime dosing, addition of activated carbon among others may be used. A high quality off line cleaned pulse jet bag filter with full thermal insulation will be employed prior to final discharge up a tall stack. The AAF FabriPulse XLC is an ideal final collector for this challenging application.