Coating Reduced

Pharmaceutical tablets are often coated with a sugar and color glaze. The coating is applied as an aqueous solution in a coating drum – of which the “Accela Cota” is a typical proprietary coating device. Extraction air can have high humidity so a wet collector such as the RotoClone W is always a safe solution. The exhaust air will have significant heat content and provided there is good control of the humidity to prevent wetting of the media a dry filter such as the FabriPulse M can be used which makes energy recovery a possibility. Coating is a term also applied to road-stone materials where aggregate (specifically sized rock fragments) are pre-coated with a layer of bitumen before being rolled into a pre-laid surface of tarmacadam of asphalt. The coating process requires extraction and a good choice is the FabriPulse Fusion provided there is sufficient dry dust in the extracted air to soak up the bitumen aerosols, otherwise the RotoClone N is a safe option. Finally there is coating of cast iron or steel pipes with bitumen to prevent corrosion. RotoClone N is the correct choice of collector.