Material Handling

The range and possible materials and the various types of handling make this the broadest of applications. For sweeteners, flavors and colors in soft drinks and confectionery the ideal solution is the RotoClone W with its ultra compact design and inherent safety. Furthermore there is no requirement for frequent servicing to empty hoppers because collected dust is taken into solution and drained away. At the opposite extreme there are ship un-loaders handling cement, phosphate rock or other materials. Here large or small units from AAF’s pulse jet bag filter ranges are the first choice. In particular the FabriPak II and FabriPulse M lend themselves to be used as “insertables”, built into belt conveyor transfer points. The best value OptiFlo RC cartridge filter is also attractive for centralized systems using duct work to connect a series of materials handling nuisance points to a single filter unit, often positioned straddling the final conveyor in order to return collected material in agglomerated form to the  flow of material.  Products like coal, coke, sinter, metallic ores and concentrates, phosphate rock, fertilizer, limestone, lime, clinker and cement are just a few of the materials AAF has experience with in this huge application opportunity.