Foundry Smelter

Effective filtration of fumes arising from Aluminium smelting  is amongst the most difficult of  applications owing to the unwelcome presence of moisture and acid gasses intermittently and unpredictably. This is especially true for melting scrap aluminium where scrap contamination, e.g. from residual sugars in recycled drink cans, cause severe problems for under-engineered filtration systems. AAF have supplied many successful installations where previous filter units failed to give long term reliable performance. For these applications  high quality filter design and manufacture are essential. Every detail must be correctly specified and quality assured, for example effective thermal insulation with high quality fully water tight cladding.  AAF prefer to offer a high level design (walk in top plenum) or full penthouse style to eliminate any risk of water ingress or cold air in-leakage at exposed roof doors.