Ferro Alloys 

AAF® larger fabric filters are to be found in Ferro Alloy manufacturing plants all over the world. For fifty years AAF have been at the forefront of filter development in this demanding sector. Some of our older designs, in particular Amertube and Amertherm models are still in service after 40 years service. Current models include FabriPulse® XLC and FabriPulse®Fusion. For melting and alloying operations an AAF pulse jet bag filter is usually the first choice to deal with copious sub micron fume.  For flame cutting the OptiFlo® RC high efficiency cartridge filter is applicable. The OptiFlo® RC is also chosen for many other fume and dust creating operations such as grinding and dressing. Occasionally the application demands a wet collector where the risk of fire damage is severe and for these duties the RotoClone® N is used. Following development work the RotoClone® N is now able to scrub at higher pressures resulting in a 12 fold improvement in the cleanliness of the exhaust so that its collection efficiency almost matches that of fabric filters.