For almost half a century AAF has been supplying the RotoClone W compact wet scrubber to sugar refineries world wide. Some AAF installations dating back to the 1960's are still in operation. Inherent safety, compact dimensions and simple reliable performance make the RotoClone W fan/scrubber combined unit still the favorite choice for many sugar refinery applications. More recently, some of the back end processes (sugar cooler, materials handling, packaging ) have been served by AAF pulse jet bag filters and AAF pulse jet cartridge filter units. Of these the AAF FabriPulse Fusion bag filter and AAF OptiFlo RC advanced cartridge collector are the most widely used.  Finally, where it is required to dissolve the collected dust into sugar solution with a controlled BRIX concentration the RotoClone N arrangement D can be used – again a reliable performer thanks to is uprated scrubbing efficiency offering reduced emissions.