May 16-17 , 2017
San Antonio, Texas

The 7F Users Group Inc. has grown dramatically since its first meeting on November 19-20, 1991 in Baltimore, Maryland.  Only 14 O&M personnel from four companies attended the meeting.  At the time, the only 7F engine in service was Virginia Electric & Power Co's Chesterfield 7, which had been integrated with an existing steamer and new heat-recovery steam generator to configure a 1 x 1 combined cycle.  Today, the OEM has shipped more than 1000 F-class gas turbines to customers since the Chesterfield 7 left the shop.  

Mission Statement of the GE7FA Users Group

7F Users Group, Inc. is organized to provide an open forum through conferences and technological aids to the Owners/Operators of 7F Combustion Turbine generator systems for effective communication, discussion, and information dissemination regarding the operation, maintenance, inspection, troubleshooting, and repair of such systems to maximize equipment performance and reliability.  These purposes will be achieved through providing an opportunity at meetings, conferences, company email, and website for the open exchange of ideas between owner/operators and owner/operators with vendors.