Manufacturer Seeks Dust Collection Solution for Metallization Booths

Metallizing is the general term for the technique of coating metal onto the surface of components or objects. There are different metallization processes including electro coating, vacuum metallization and thermal spray. Thermal spray is the technique that requires particulate filtration. The spray gun vaporizes a metal feed wire made of the metal intended to provide the coating. Over spray is unavoidable and the process occurs within a booth or enclosure. The process must be ventilated through a suitable filter. However, the challenge in ventilating this type of process is to collect and extract the dust as efficiently as possible ensuring the correct air speed and direction of air flow. Sometimes, since the dust generated in this type of application is considered to be an explosive dust, this critical characteristic needs to be addressed.


Our client is a global manufacturer, supplier and installer of metalization booths and thermal spraying equipment. Their aim was to improve the efficiency of the collection of dust generated through the zinc metalization process thus providing their end-users with dust collection equipment alongside their booths. Appropriate air inlets and duct work was also to be supplied to ensure maximum dust extraction for the safety of the workers (typically four) in the booth.



Two ATEX OptiFlo® RC units were selected. These pulse-jet cartridge dust collectors are specifically designed for the handling of dust generated by zinc metalization and providing a continuous operation. The OptiFlo® RC was supplied with REDClean® SA anti-static cartridges. AAF cartridge technology allows operators to reduce power consumption, enhance efficiency and extend the time between cartridge change-outs.



The installation of the OptiFlo® RC dust collectors together with the metalizing booths has ensured the removal of airborne particles, prevention of settling dust and provided a safer environment for the workers. Since the successful commissioning of these two dust collectors, they have performed to the high standard expected by the client, prompting them to choose the OptiFlo® RC for future booth installations.