AAF is the international leader in the environmental control. No other company can match the diversity of equipment and systems AAF offers for environmental control. Whatever it takes your requirements, AAF's knowledge, experience and resources will get the job done. AAF as an industrial leader is using numerical simulation to accelerate and improve the design of its filters. Testing of the virtual prototype allows evaluating the product performance under realistic conditions.


3D Modelling

  • Design visualization and interface co-ordination.
  • Accurate production of 2D shop drawings, cutting sheets, take-off lists.
  • Import directly into CNC machining processes.



Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)‏

  • Flow visualization, velocity profiles and air distribution analysis to optimize design, pressure drop, and energy savings.
  • Research, development and validation studies.

Software: FLUENT


Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

  • Computerized “nesting”.
  • Detailed stress analysis.
  • Verification of new product design.

Software: STAAD.