The Power & Industrial Group is a global team, focusing on providing dedicated filtration and industrial air solutions across a range of key markets. Our focus is on adding value to all of the customers we serve and our commitment is to utilize the best available technology in order to achieve this.

Engine Solutions

AAF International is the world leader in air filtration solutions for Diesel & Gas Engines, targeting both new-build and existing installations across the Power Generation, Offshore, Oil & Gas, Marine and Railway markets. AAF can offer tailor-designed solutions from air intake, hall ventilation, inlet cooling, noise control and gas treatment solutions. Moreover, the business is committed to delivering world-class aftermarket products and services, from filter elements, installation, and maintenance and upgrades to keep your diesel & gas engines operating at peak efficiency.

Environmental Solutions

AAF International is a global leader in environmental solutions. The business has dedicated environmental systems and products divisions to provide the optimum support and service levels. Being in a key position within the marketplace allows AAF to offer solutions to resolve all types of dust control problems. Regardless of a customers’ application or industry, AAF has the knowledge, experience and resources to get the job done confidently and provide the environmental solution to eliminate any dust control issue.

Gas Turbine Solutions

AAF International’s Gas Turbine Solutions provides a wide range of products and services; including gas turbine auxiliary equipment, filtration systems, acoustic equipment, repairs, retrofits and upgrades. AAF works closely with the world’s leading OEMs and operators and has thousands of installations around the world; protecting gas turbines in a wide range of arduous environments. The business strives to ensure its customers’ benefit from highest availability, superior efficiency, higher power output, greater reliability and easier, less frequent maintenance.

Nuclear Solutions

Since the evolution of nuclear power plants, AAF has been dedicated to providing clean and tempered air to our customers. The Nuclear Environmental Systems group continues to provide custom designed filtration units, cooling units, and packaged air conditioning systems. This includes component filters, (H)EPA Filters, iodine traps, adsorbers, charcoal filters, CSE Housings, cooling and heating coils, fans, motors and dampers. Our systems are designed and constructed in accordance with the current industry accepted standards and regulatory guidelines. As the global nuclear power market prepares for extended operation, construction of new reactors and decommissioning, AAF continues to be a valuable and trusted partner.