Ambient atmospheric air is a “raw material” for many industrial applications. In most instances the natural state of atmospheric air is clean enough, cool enough and sufficiently dry to not require treatment. For some large combustion applications, for example electrical power generation fueled by natural gas being burned in a gas turbine engine, it is essential to filter the air of particulate contaminants. If these particles are not removed they can deposit themselves on the turbine blades and significantly degrade performance. AAF offers solutions that can also include salt spray protection and cooling. Production control rooms, electrical control booths and other such situations may need a protected clean air intake system, especially if the location has inherently poor air quality. For example it will be impractical to open a window for ventilation in a control room within a deep mine, in a dusty quarry or within a steelworks. In these circumstances ventilation air will need supply of filtered air to be delivered via a fan and filter. It is likely that the background level of dust in the intake will be too high for normal disposable air filters to be an economic choice owing to the frequency with which the disposable filters need to be changed – incurring lab our costs, new filters and disposal costs. The AAF OptiFlo RC is a better solution. The air being treated will be cleaned to a very high level of cleanliness and long cartridge life can be expected. Cooling/heating of the clean air delivery may be added where appropriate.