Product Overview

The AAF Bag In/Bag Outside Access filter system is safe, simple, reliable and utilizes a method for removing contaminated particulate filters and/or gases in hazardous environments. With this system, maintenance personnel are protected from direct contact with the interior of the housing and hazardous contaminants during filter change-out and testing.

Each removal bag is cinched to a collar inside the housing door to prevent any leakage of contaminants during filter replacement. Similarly, new filters are installed with the aid of a protective plastic bag. At no time during the change-out is the external atmosphere exposed to contamination from within the filter housing.

This style of housing can be supplied with any number of connected sections. Each of the sections selected may contain roughing filters. pre filters, HEPA filters and Charcoal adsorbers. Some HEPA filter sections may contain prefilters or roughing filters as well. In addition, sections for in-place testing are usually included in the filter train. All nuclear housings are built and tested per ASME N509 and ASME AG-1.


  • Deep Adsorber Housing- Housings are available for 12”, 16” and 18” deep adsorber filter cells. These cells typically use Carbon/Charcoal as the adsorbent. When additional residence time is required, these units can be furnished in series, or operated at lower face velocities.
  • Pressure Testing- Each housing is designed to withstand +/- 20” WG and factory tested to +10”WG in accordance with ASME AG-1, ANSI/ASME N 509 and N 510, to ensure overall housing integrity.
  • Upstream Filter Seal- Each HEPA filter and adsorber seals against the air entering face of the frame to prevent interior contamination build-up.

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