PulsePak V Beauty Shot

Product Overview

The PulsePak® V can deliver superb air cleaning and extended filter life using REDClean® Media Technology. The AAF REDClean® media has been specifically developed to withstand the rigors of pulse cleaning with superior dust release, and outperforms all standard media.

PulsePak V Dims

Benefits and Features

  • Intergral Spark Trap extinguishes sparks and directs contaminants into the roll away dust bin.
  • The compact dust bin with recessed wheels allows for quick and easy disposal of collected dusts.
  • The quick release door reduces floor space requirements allowing for a truly compact design.  Save manpower with one person change out.
  • The optimized filter design and pulsing system provides industry leading dust release and operational life.
  • Standard sprinkler piping allows for quick and easy installation of fire suppression.
  • Control panel is mounted and factory wired ready for use. Fan and Pulse control included, along with Disconnect and Solenoid Valves
  • Spark arrestor extinguishes sparks and directs the dust away from the filter media, reducing the loading to allow for longer filter utilization and reduced compressed air usage.

For sizes and performance data:

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