AAF has developed its own technology for getting the most accurate silencer in each situation, including fan isolation

  • High capacity attenuation
  • Reduced pressure drop
  • Personalized sizes
  • Respectfully with the environment
  • Long life


  • Acoustic modular elements: These acoustic panels attenuate the noise offering a flexible design in order to adapt the SDM Silencer to the particular requirements of the client.
  • Inlet and outlet perfiled flow: The forehead of the panels acquire an aerodynamic form, in order to minimize the pressure drop the maximum as possible.
  • Resistant construction: The structure which supports the different elements that compose the Silencer, can be manufactured in different materials and thicknesses.
  • Casing of the Silencer: This element provides structural rigidity to the Silencer.

The maintenance of the AAF C-MEX Silencer is minimum. They do not require any operation or preventive maintenance after its installation.

The pressure drop is reduced compared to its size. High backpressure during the discharge of the fluid is avoided.

The C-MEX Silencer life is extended without losing its noise attenuation properties because of its strong construction and due to an extra protection against shredding that is applied during the fabrication of the Silencer.