Air Filtration Critical to Healthcare Environments 

This comprehensive illustration represents the various levels of air filtration required in a hospital application. There is a wide variety of supply, exhaust, and recirculated air housings and filter types to address each specific area for maintaining effective air quality and controlling contamination. Move your mouse over each area to see a detailed view.


The need to control viable and non-viable particles is crucial for protecting people, processes, equipment, and environments. At AAF Flanders, our experts provide total filtration solutions to minimize risk and maximize the system economy of your entire hospital or healthcare facility. AAF Flanders offers filtration solutions for critical healthcare environments. For an overview of products relevant to these applications, download our Healthcare Brochure.


High Purity Air Filtration

HVAC Air Filtration

  •  MEGAcel® II eFRM  HEPA Filter
    Designed specifically for the unique requirements and challenges of life science industries, the MEGAcel II mini-pleat HEPA filter has superior durability, compatibility with polyalphaolefin (PAO), high particulate filtration efficiency, and the lowest pressure drop.
  • MEGApleat® M9 Pleated Filter

    The MEGApleat M9 filter is the longest-lasting and strongest MERV 9 pleated filter on the market, but it also offers low initial resistance and high dust-holding capacity for enhanced energy efficiency.

  • AstroCel® II HEPA/ULPA Filter
    High-performance protection for critical environments, AstroCel II filters provide savings on overall operating costs by using the lowest-resistance microglass laminar flow HEPA/ULPA media on the market.
  • DriPak® GX Bag Filter   
    The DriPak GX extended-surface pocket filter is designed for high performance in demanding operating conditions, functioning as either a prefilter or final filter.
  • AstroHood® Supply Housing
    An ideal fully seal-welded terminal filter supply hood is suited for pharmaceutical and biotech cleanrooms, boasting zero pressure boundary penetrations to mitigate risk while providing industry-leading operational energy savings.
  • VariCel®  VXLE Box Filter   

    The VariCel VXLE V-bank style box filter combines a low initial pressure drop with terrific performance to provide energy savings for healthcare applications.

  • AstroFan™ EC Fan Filter Unit
    Whisper-quiet, energy-efficient fan filter unit (FFU) that can be networked and controlled for increased ease and efficiency, the AstroFan EC FFU provides industry-leading low resistance and unparalleled in-house testing.
  • BioCel® VXL Box Filter  

    The BioCel VXL V-bank style box filter delivers near-HEPA level filtration efficiency with a much lower initial pressure drop than traditional HEPA filters.

  • AstroFlow™ Diffuser

    The AstroFlow™ high-efficiency displacement diffuser offers a broad range of airflow patterns for optimal ventilation efficiency without affecting particle control.

  • AstroSafe® - Containment Unit 
    The AstroSafe bag-in/bag-out filter housings lock down dangerous biological, radiological, or carcinogenic materials in healthcare and research facilities. These units also ensure that service personnel can safely replace contaminated air filters and carbon adsorbers in the housing without direct contact.
  • VariSorb® XL15 Gas-Phase Box Filter

    VariSorb XL15 high-efficiency filters are designed to improve indoor air quality through the effective removal of particulates and gaseous contaminants typically found in healthcare environments.

  • UVGI Light Device   
    These devices are installed in HVAC systems and use ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) to render microorganisms within airstreams inactive.


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