Montreal Cityscape

Customer Profile

Private Real Estate Management Firm

  • Owns office, commercial and industrial buildings in Montreal, Quebec City and Toronto
  • Real estate portfolio encompasses 8.3 million square feet
Commercial Office Tower
  • Located in Montreal, Quebec 
  • 45-floor skyscraper
  • Average floor area is 13,500 square feet
  • Includes underground parking

The Filtration Situation

The real estate management firm overseeing this office tower had to change out both the tower’s prefilters and final filters on a frequent basis. Since approximately 50% of a building’s energy consumption goes to the heating, cooling, and moving of air, this high changeout frequency, as well as filter inefficiency, added up to a high Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

BOMA Best Certified

In addition, the facilities managers of the office tower are committed to maintain high environmental standards. The building was awarded BOMA GoGreen, Level 2 certification, the Canadian industry standard for commercial building sustainability certification. Green building practice is achieved by efficiently using energy, water, and other resources, while reducing impact on human health and the environment. Thus, the real estate management firm wanted to increase the building’s filter efficiency so that the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) was both optimized and as green as possible. Decreasing filter changeout would also reduce waste for the facility.

The AAF Flanders Solution

The firm’s AAF Flanders representative performed an air filtration audit throughout the office tower and then presented a 2-year filter proposition. This proposition compared pricing, including labor costs, and rate of filter changeout for both the current filters being used and the recommended filters. 

The proposed filters included the MEGApleat® filter as a prefilter and the VariCel® 2+HC MERV 14 filter as a final filter. The MEGApleat filter was recommended because it loads at a slower rate, increasing the life of the filter. Lower pressure drop and higher dust holding capacity (DHC) translate to reductions in energy consumption and operating costs. The MEGApleat filter construction process results in a filter which is very stable, with no racking or vibration of the pleats under normal airflow. Pleat stability minimizes the chances of captured particulate shaking loose and re-entering the airstream.

The VariCel 2+HC filter was recommended because of its low initial resistance, ideal pleat spacing, and higher-than-average media density, which allows for maximized particle management and full media utilization. This filter’s high DHC equates to a longer service life, which reduces the number of filter changeouts. In addition, the thinner depth of the VariCel 2+HC makes disposal easy. These filters are only one-third the volume of other high-efficiency filters, significantly reducing the contribution to landfills. With no metal components, they are also suitable for incineration.

Want to learn more? Contact your AAF Flanders representative to schedule an audit and to find out how the insights from intelligent data tools, including TCO Diagnostic® and Sensor360®, can improve operational outcomes and save you time and money.