Nuclear Applications

Filtration Provides Protection From Nuclear Radiation 

Nuclear technology has a wide range of applications in energy generation, agriculture, food preservation, water sustainability, medicine, research, industry, aeronautics, and military weapons. The inherent risk in the application of this versatile technology is human exposure to ionizing radiation. Low-level exposure has been shown to cause cancer, while high-level exposure has immediate and serious health risks and can be fatal.

In any application of nuclear technology, the removal of particulate radioactive material from exhaust air or gases is essential in preventing dangerous exposure by facility personnel and surrounding communities. Nuclear power plants also require air cooling systems to maintain atmospheric temperatures for safe operations and in response to emergency shutdowns.

Radiation Protection Standards

  • Though natural sources account for up to 85% of a person’s annual radiation exposure, radiation protection standards assume that any dose, regardless of size, involves a possible risk to human health.
  • About 23 million workers worldwide are monitored for radiation exposure, about 10 million of whom are exposed to artificial sources, mostly in the medical sector.

Containment Filtration for Critical Nuclear Applications

Containment filtration systems are designed, developed, and manufactured to exact standards for control of dangerous particulate radioactive material generated by nuclear technology applications. High quality, customized total containment filtration systems manufactured by a single source ensure application compatibility and maximum performance reliability, in order to mitigate the risk of exposure to dangerous radioactive contaminants. 

AAF Flanders specializes in the design, manufacturing, and testing of complete, custom containment filtration systems incorporating high-efficiency particulate and gas-phase filters that provide ventilation, air treatment, and contaminant containment for facilities employing nuclear technology. We also custom design and manufacture nuclear cooling coils, tested to ASME’s nuclear component certification standards; containment and safety coolers; and air handling units for maintaining required atmospheric temperatures within a nuclear facility.

Optimize Your Filtration and Improve Your Environment

A thorough air filter audit of your HVAC systems is the first step that AAF Flanders takes, in order to provide you professional guidance and analysis for cost savings and liability reduction. By conducting this audit, we strive to understand your current state and advise you on how your facility could perform better, helping you save money, reduce risk, and save time. 

Contact your AAF Flanders representative to schedule an audit and to find out how the insights from intelligent data tools, including TCO Diagnostic® and Sensor360®, can improve operational outcomes and save you time and money.