EZ Flow MCF, EZ flow, EZ flow air filters, panel filter

Product Overview

  • One-piece chipboard frame prevents broken corners and exposed metal
  • Heat-sealed frame provides unusual strength and serviceability
  • A metal grid on the air leaving side ensures more open face area and longer service life
  • Available with PolyStrand® or spun glass media 
  • Available with metal grid retainer or self-retaining option
  • MERV 5

Typical Applications

  • Commercial Buildings
Filter Depth
  • 1"
  • 2"
Media Type
  • Synthetic
Frame Material
  • Chipboard
Special Size Available
  • Yes
Max Operating Temperature
  • 180˚F (82˚C)


The one-piece channel frame is formed into a wedge that slopes to the center on the upstream side and is flat on the air leaving side. This one-piece feature eliminates problems associated with four-piece frames, such as broken corners and exposed metal edges. This flat air leaving side distinguishes the EZ Flow II MCF filters from ordinary pinch frame filters that may be difficult to install/remove and may not seal well in the filter channel.

A notched frame design allows the filters to nest, creating a savings advantage of approximately 30–35% in warehouse space and freight costs.

A double bead of hot melt glue running the full perimeter of the frame is used to bond all components into one tough unit. This process permits the use of a single metal grid on the air leaving side only, or no metal grid at all, thus maximizing filter face area to extend service life.

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