Ez Flow HD, EZFlow HD, EZ flow, EZ flow air filters, panel filter

Product Overview

  • Designed for general air filtration applications with light to medium dust loading conditions
  • These disposable panel filters are engineered for sturdy, economical performance and ease of use
  • Available in a wide range of sizes and two thickness configurations
  • Offers superior strength and durability in any application

Typical Applications

  • Commercial Buildings
  • Schools and Universities
Filter Depth
  • 1"
  • 2"
Media Type
  • Fiberglass
Frame Material
  • Kraft
Max Operating Temperature
  • 150˚F (66˚C)

High Arrestance

EZ Flow HD filters are constructed with heavy-duty, premium grade fiberglass media, and have a skin on both the air entering and air leaving sides. A woven glass retainer is bonded to the clean air side of each filter.

Premium grade fiberglass has more fibers to ensure EZ Flow HD media offers higher arrestance and cleans the air better than competitive filters. Premium grade fiberglass also offers higher dust holding capacity, which means longer service life and lower operating costs.

Compression Resistant Media

The woven glass retainer and skin provide excellent support for the fiberglass. The heavier construction of the fiberglass allows a better adhesive bond with the retainer.

Compression resistant glass fibers decrease media pad deterioration, allowing a slower rise in resistance as the filter collects dirt particles. A slower rise in resistance extends the life of the filter.

Frame Strength

A continuous adhesive bond between the media pad and recycled kraft frame maximizes construction strength to reduce handling damage and maintain structured integrity in operation.

Woven Glass Retainers

The woven glass retainers used on the EZ Flow HD filters add strength to the filter assembly while maintaining a metal-free product. The EZ Flow HD panel filters are safer to handle than filters made with bottlecap retainers that break easily and have sharp points and edges that can cut fingers and hands. The bond strength of the glass retainer to the frame is also superior.

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