Roll-O-Mat Gold Media

Product Overview

  • Available in widths and on cores for all manufacturers’ roll filters
  • 2” thick media of continuous filament fiberglass
  • Heavy application of ViscosineTM adhesive
  • 65’ long rolls
  • UL classified

Typical Applications

  • 70 to 85 Percent Arrestance
Filter Depth
  • 44 mm
Media Type
  • Fiberglass
Max Operating Temperature
  • 176˚F (80˚C)

Industrial Strength and Performance

The 65’ Roll-O-Mat Gold is made up of premium quality fiberglass media. This Gold model has more glass fibers - more than 8 ½ miles per square foot - than any competitive media. Higher fiber content provides more dirt catching media surface, providing higher arrestance and greater dust holding capacity. 

Resin-bonded fibers on the air entering side are interlaced in an open pattern which becomes progressively tighter to prevent faceloading. An additional mesh scrim is applied to the air-leaving side of the media for increased support. The glass fibers of the Roll-O-Mat Gold are coated with a heavy application of Viscosine gel. Viscosine is a non-toxic, non-flammable adhesive that helps prevent particles from breaking away and flowing downstream. 

The Roll-O-Mat Gold with Scrim is the preferred choice for models of the AAF Flanders Roll-O-Matic, as well as most competitive automatic roll filters. 

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