AG-28 Media Pad

Product Overview

  • Effectively removes paint overspray solids of all types - lacquer, air dry, or baked enamel
  • Protect exhaust ducts, fans, and motors from paint buildup
  • Clean exhaust air is discharged to the atmosphere
  • Economical to use
  • UL classified

Typical Applications

  • Automotive
Filter Depth
  • 50 mm (2 in.)
Media Type
  • Fiberglass
Antimicrobial Available
  • No

Designed exclusively to collect paint overspray, AG-28 pads have an open weave glass fiber construction that forces paint laden air to change directions many times throughout the pad. Paint particles collect on the fibers, while a specially formulated thermoset resin provides high compression strength. This prevents the AG-28 pads from collapsing and face-loading. Proper airflow ensures healthier working conditions, and maintenance problems are reduced because fans, motors, and ducts do not accumulate layers of paint. Cleaner air is discharged to the atmosphere, protecting the local environment.

An entire bank of AG-28 pads can be changed in a few minutes, and these pads are directly interchangeable with other types of paint arrestors. They fit into standard holding frames, with no new grids or other accessories needed. The exclusive packaging design is space-saving, with 60 two-inch pads in a carton only 10 1/2 " high.

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