Product Overview

  • Rugged and easy to install
  • Holds filter(s) in place with positive seal
  • 16-gauge Galvanized Steel or 316 Stainless Steel
  • Includes premium closed-cell gaskets to ensure proper seal without dirty-air bypass
  • Two sets of latch knockouts at each corner of the frame
  • Accommodates box-style or headered filters and prefilters in any combination
  • Prepunched mounting holes and dimples for easy assembly into built-up filter banks
  • Seven standard sizes available
  • 3" depth

Type A-8 Filter Holding Frames

The Type A-8 filter holding frames comes in seven standard sizes that can be used individually or may be combined to fit virtually any size filter bank. Each frame includes our premium closed cell EPDM rubber gaskets to ensure a proper seal between the frame and filter to minimize dirty air bypass. Frames are also available without gaskets or with dovetail gaskets. Also available are Type A-8 latches designed to hold the filter in place and create positive seal. Type A-8 frames are constructed of galvanized steel and 304 stainless steel, and also available in 316 stainless steel. 

Type A-8 Latches

AAF Flanders offers a variety of Type A-8 latches to secure disposable panel filter or 12" box-style high-efficiency filters (with or without a prefilter) into a Type A-8 filter holding frame. The Type A-8 latches attach to one of two sets of knockouts on the Type A-8 frame. Simply attach the appropriate latch that best fits the depth of the filter. It is recommended to use 4 latches per frame. 

For sizes and performance data:

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