VariCel RF NH Filter

Product Overview

  • Metal cell sides and a layered synthetic media pack deliver superior dust holding, moisture resistance, and overall performance.
  • Meltblown synthetic media is stronger than fiberglass, and is non-shedding and water-resistant
  • Designed for improved performance and durability
  • Layered synthetic media with plastic pleat spacers on both sides
  • Box style - no header construction
  • Heavy-duty expanded metal media support grid
  • Ideal for Variable Air Volume (VAV) systems

Typical Applications

  • Commercial Buildings
  • Hospitality
  • Industrial
  • Schools and Universities
  • M5
  • M6
  • F7
  • F8
  • MERV 9
  • MERV 11
  • MERV 13
  • MERV 14
Filter Depth
  • 149 mm
  • 292 mm
Media Type
  • Synthetic
Frame Material
  • Galvanized Steel
Header Type
  • Metal Retainer
  • Single Header
  • UL900

Sturdy Construction and Dependability

The VariCel RF NH filter, with its galvanized steel cell sides and plastic pleat spacers on the air-entering and air-leaving sides, withstands the most demanding applications. The pleat spacers and expanded metal support grid maintain the shape of the synthetic media pack and ensure that both efficiency and dust holding capacity are maximized.

The rigid construction with supported pleat media pack maintains a compact unitized structure under variable air velocities and repeated fan shutdowns. The media is chemically bonded to the frame to prevent air bypass. Standard box style construction cell sides are flush with the front and back face dimensions. For single-header and double-header designs, see bulletin AFP-1-105.

Layered Synthetic Media Pack

The layered media used in the VariCel RF NH filter is a meltblown synthetic protected by a scrim on the air-leaving side. Layering the media provides both a high-efficiency final filter layer that effectively filters fine particulate, and an integral lofted prefilter layer that captures larger particulate. Meltblown synthetic media is stronger than fiberglass, and is non-shedding and water-resistant.

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