PREpleat LPD SC filter

Product Overview

  • Lowest initial resistance MERV 8 pleated filter
  • Higher dust-holding capacity (DHC) than competitive high-capacity filters delivers longer life and more energy-efficient performance
  • Superior strength due to two-piece die cut frame with diagonal and horizonal support members and wire-backed media
  • Expanded metal grid maintains pleat shape during operation for full media utilization and high DHC
  • Filter media bonded to the frame at all points of contact to eliminate dirty air bypass
  • MERV 8
Filter Depth
  • 1"
  • 2"
  • 4"
Media Type
  • Synthetic
Frame Material
  • Beverage Board
Special Size Available
  • Yes
Max Operating Temperature
  • 180˚F (82˚C)
  • MERV 8

AAF Flanders’ PREpleat LPD SC filter is a high-strength supported MERV 8 pleated filter which pairs low initial resistance with high dust-holding capacity which combine to provide an extended life cycle and energy efficient performance.

Superior Design and Construction

Media: 100% synthetic non-woven, proprietary media. Engineered with a gradient density composition that achieves a MERV 8 rating using the mechanical method of particle capture. Media does not rely on an electrostatic charge to capture particulate, and will only increase in efficiency over time.

Media Support: Expanded metal is continuously laminated on the air leaving side to provide pleat stability during operation. Pleat shape is maintained, allowing full media utilization and maximizing DHC.

Pleat Design: V-Pleat design aids in pressure drop while reducing energy cost. Design allows for maximum airflow and DHC during the life of the filter.

Frame: Heavy-duty, two piece, moisture-resistant frame includes diagonal and horizontal support members bonded to the media on the air entering and exiting sides for unsurpassed frame strength. Interlocking corners and positive media-to-frame seal reduce the possibility of air bypass.

Operating Temperature Limits: Maximum operating temperature is 180°F (82°C).

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