SAAF Chemical Media Remaining Life Analysis

Product Overview

  • Estimates remaining life, replacement schedules, and inventory requirements for chemical media and gas-phase filters
  • Provides confirmation of media activity after an event (helicopter landing, solvent spill, open media container)
  • Provides information to optimize media choices and maximize system life
  • Controls cost by ensuring replacement of media at the proper time

Determine Chemical Media Condition

Many facility types use gas-phase filtration systems. In some instances, an event may release gases that could react with and consume the chemical media (helicopter landing, solvent spill, elevated process exhaust, gas leak). In other cases, the gas-phase filtration system may have been neglected for a long period of time, and the condition of the chemical media is unknown. SAAF Chemical Media Remaining Life Analysis provides confirmation of media activity by measuring the amount of remaining active ingredient or key performance characteristic.

Estimate Chemical Media Replacement Dates

SAAF Remaining Life Analysis provides a way to estimate media replacement dates, by comparing the remaining life to how long the media has been in service. AAF Flanders recommends sampling the media every three to six months during the first year to develop a history of media life analysis. After the first year, a less frequent sampling schedule can be developed, based on the RLA trend from the previous year.

Data Interpretation and Reporting

For each analyzed sample, AAF Flanders produces a Remaining Life Analysis Report. The report contains the installation and equipment information, an explanation of the results, recommendations, and a summary table. This data can be logged over time to analyze the RLA trend of a system.

Media Pictures

Chemical Media Gas Challenge Setup

Graph Showing Remaining Life Trend of Chemical Media Samples Over Time


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