FASeal M Grid

Product Overview

  • Grids available in 18-gauge stainless steel 
  • Stainless spring steel compression catches won’t rust and are permanently attached
  • Will hold many types of filters, including any single header product alone, or in combination with a 2" or 4" prefilter, as well as 2" and 4" stand-alone filters with no header
Frame Material
  • Stainless Steel
  • Wall Mount
Module Type
  • Solid Frame
Clip Type
  • FASeal Included
Size Available
  • 24 x 24
  • 20 x 20
  • 12 x 24
  • 20 x 24

The FASeal™ M Grid has a unique design that makes filter installation simple and quick. Separate clips aren’t necessary, since the fully integrated compression catches hold the filters firmly in place. This grid will hold a variety of filters, including VariCel® VXL, Biocel® VHXLA, Perfect Pleat® and PerfectPleat® ULTRA.


Durable Design

With six integral stainless spring steel compression catches fully integrated into the FASeal M Grid, a variety of filters are easy to install and separate clips aren't required. The catches retain compression strength for years of service life and do not rust. An 18-gauge stainless steel grid is available.

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