Friday, September 30, 2016
AAF Flanders

Combining Two Great Companies

Following the acquisition of Flanders by AAF International in April, the integration of AAF Flanders into one unified company is well under way. As AAF Flanders continues to meet the growing demand for clean air, the AAF Flanders integration will ultimately create the largest and most comprehensive air filtration products company in the world. This new organization is being built to create meaningful change in the lives and environments of customers, while relying on the strong foundation upon which both of these companies were founded — an unwavering commitment to innovation in air filtration. 

Optimizing Two Great Product Lines

Integrating two companies is a complex process, but one of AAF Flanders' top priorities is to always ensure that our customers are supplied with the highest quality products and services. To do that, the combined product offerings from both companies are being carefully reviewed to identify opportunities for streamlining. This review is ongoing, but two key product lines have already been optimized  — pleated and panel filters — and we’re excited to share these changes with you. 

The optimization of these pleated and panel filter lines is designed to enhance our customers' experience. Some new, improved products will be added, while others will be discontinued. All pleated and panel filters that were formerly AAF and Flanders will be rebranded as AAF Flanders. Comparable, high-quality replacements will be offered for all discontinued filters. Only the best of the best will appear in our new lines.

Guidance Documents

The documents below provide a vision of what the future holds, and while these changes are not taking place today, we’re excited to provide you with an advance preview of what’s to come.

By virtue of our collective product portfolio and combined organizational capabilities, AAF Flanders is your single-source provider for the most advanced, high-performing air filtration solutions available in the marketplace today.