Pollution control technologies used in the iron and steel industry cover the spectrum of high energy venturi scrubbers, electrostatic precipitators and fabric collectors. AAF offers a complete range of sizes and configurations for every application. These major components are part of the total air pollution control solution, including all necessary auxiliary equipment such as fans, blowers, instrumentation, power distribution, gas cooling equipment, dust handling systems, and water treatment systems.

The collection methods also play a crucial role in this particular industry. AAF has experience designing and installing lateral exhaust hood systems for furnaces up to 25,000 KVA, direct evacuation systems for furnaces with higher oil contents or power levels over 25,000 KVA, and customized canopy hoods for specialty applications.

AAF systems offer successful controls for the following applications:

  • Cast house ventilation
  • Melt shop ventilation
  • Electric arc furnace primary and secondary ventilation
  • Ferro alloy production
  • B0F gas cleaning and secondary ventilation
  • Iron desulfurization
  • Coke pushing plant
  • Sinter plant gas cleaning and dedusting
  • Plasma furnace direct extraction
  • Materials handling – dust control
  • Lime kiln gas cleaning