Coal handling and processing can release high levels of dust, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, and nitrogen oxide. Reducing the pollutants to acceptable levels is critical for the safe operation of many coal processes and mandatory to meet stringent emission regulations.

AAF International provides total air pollution control solutions for a broad range of problems specifically associated with coal handling and processing including:
  • Underground mining
  • Materials handling
  • Crushing – screening
  • Air tables
  • Tipples
  • Thermal dryers
  • Silo ventilation
  • Unloading
  • Bunker ventilation

When coal is extracted, transported, screened or reduced in size, a significant amount of problematic dust is generated. Coal dust is more severe in underground mining because good air is at a premium and space is restricted. Protecting the health and well-being of mine workers is a main concern along with limiting potential emissions caused from the mining process.

Code requirements necessitate efficient dust collectors, and as technologies improve, future code requirements indicate even higher efficiency requirements.

The critical areas for dust control in underground mining are those points where a conveyor belt discharges onto another, disturbing the coal and creating light, fine dust particles. Dust loading is typically light but due to the collection efficiency required and the space limitations, most everything but a wet collector is ruled out for this application. Perfect for any mining operation, AAF’s wet collectors provide several size options while using minimal amounts of space.