Facility Managers are asked to do more with less.

Deferred Maintenance is Unsustainable

Pressures from both inside and outside businesses thwart attempts to maintain the status quo, let alone focus on improvements. In particular, areas that hinder proper maintenance include the aging of buildings and systems, facility management workforce demographics, depleted maintenance staffs, and stagnant budgets. Therefore, the reality that most Facility Managers face is deferred maintenance. In fact, 88% of these managers agree that deferred maintenance is an issue in their facilities.

Average deferred maintenance costs by age of building:

Average deferred maintenance costs for 0-10 year-old buildings Average deferred maintenance costs for 10-25 year-old buildings Average deferred maintenance costs for 25-50 year-old buildings Average deferred maintenance costs for 50-plus year-old buildings


Facility Management Is a Real Chore

Those Facility Managers who remain in the industry have plenty of work on their plates. In fact, 55 percent of these managers report being either largely or very reactive in their responsibilities. Reacting to unplanned items and events costs managers 228 hours every year. Another problem area that Facility Managers face is occupant complaints, which 49 percent of managers state costs them between two and four hours each day. Over the course of 250 workdays a year, that figure amounts to a staggering 500-1,000 hours consumed in resolving complaints.

55 percent of facility managers are largely or very reactive 49 percent of Facility Managers spend 2-4 hours a day on occupant complaints


A New Way Forward

With the right technology solution, the spectre of unplanned maintenance may be reduced or even eliminated. Also, by focusing strategically on the systems most critical to a facility’s long-term health, organisations can chart a clear step-by-step path out of deferred maintenance and into a world of predictive maintenance.

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