Improper Air Filtration = Higher Energy Costs

Air filtration and maintaining healthy Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) levels are only a couple of the many different operational functions for which companies are responsible. And due to deferred maintenance, the significant impact of HVAC and filtration related decisions can often be overlooked. But analysis of energy spend can pay off in a significant way for Facility Management teams by indicating the optimal filtration system that will save them both money and time. Here are some IAQ and deferred maintenance facts:

Extensive Studies Show:

34% of American workers feel that poor IAQ had caused them to miss work

50% or more of energy spending is related to moving air

80% of Americans rate clean air as a very important priority – up from 75% in 2012

88% of facility managers say that deferred maintenance is an issue at their facility

The system most affected by deferred maintenance is HVAC

There are 175,268 pages on IAQ in the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

56% of commercial maintenance teams actually admit that their IAQ maintenance is not carried out according to IAQ guidelines

Considering the above, it’s essential that Executives and Facility Management teams have a trusted advisor to support them in the optimal selection and operation of their air filtration systems.

Many companies turn to AAF International because they are:

  • Worried that their systems aren’t designed as well as they could be
  • Concerned about compliance risks
  • Frustrated by a lack of education and collaboration from their current suppliers
  • Worried that their Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) might be higher than it needs to be and want a second opinion
  • Concerned about productivity and absenteeism issues caused by poor IAQ

Air Filtration Audit

Have Concerns About Your Energy Spending?
Here is Where We Can Start:

A thorough air filter audit of your HVAC systems is the first step that AAF International takes in order to provide you with professional guidance and analysis for cost savings and risk reduction. By conducting this air filtration audit, we will be able to understand exactly how you compare to the best practices of companies that are similar to you. We strive to understand your current filtration state and identify how your HVAC systems can perform optimally.

Our mission is to utilise our core skill sets and products to aid you in protecting your environment, thereby reducing your overall risks and optimising your filter-related spending. In other words, we invest the time to help your business get better – rather than just selling you a product.

Five benefits that you will get from an air filter audit:
  1. Analysis of your current state by a team of industry experts
  2. Professional guidance and analysis to reduce your energy spending, decrease your risk and save you time
  3. Valuable and detailed benchmark data
  4. Life cycle cost report that will show you where your HVAC systems could be performing even better
  5. A standardised list of filters by air handler unit (AHU) and application

While the value of this audit is worth thousands of dollars, it is currently being offered at no charge and could give you significant benefits by helping you save money, reduce risk, and gain time.

Click here to schedule your audit today!