Product Overview

  • Filter class EN779:2012: G2 - M5
  • Low initial resistance
  • High dust holding capacity
  • R series is washable
  • F series come with special woven scrim on the leaving side
  • F series has designed for paint spray booth

Typical Applications

Antimicrobial Available
  • No
Media Type
  • Synthetic

Application F-series

AmerTex F-series media is used in applications for which fine filtration for particulate matter is required. For example, the F30 “Fine” filter can be used in a paint spray cabin, a drying booth, or as a prefilter for a HEPA filter. For applications that require a higher level of air cleanliness, the F60 “Superfine Scrim” filter is recommended.

Application R-series 

The R15 Economy media is recommended for use in low pressure forced air convectors, window ventilation units, fan coils, as well as a prefilter in paint spray cabins. The R29 Standard media is for use in room air conditioning units, hot air generators, air conditioning installations, home kitchen hoods and as a prefilter in paint spray cabins. The R50 Super media is suitable for use in air conditioning installations in the food industry, kitchen hoods, industrial ventilation systems as well as as a prefilter in paint spray cabins

All AmerTex media are white in colour. No colour pigments are needed to distinguish between the various media. The name of each product, together with its classification according to EN779:2012, is printed at regular intervals on the air leaving side of each media roll. This media is fire retardant, F1/K1 according to DIN 53438.


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