Product Overview

  • E10 - E11 classification in accordance with EN1822
  • 4,000 CMH air capacity
  • Low energy consumption
  • Long service life
  • E11
Filter Depth
  • 292 mm
Media Type
  • Fibreglass
Frame Material
  • Galvanised Steel
Max. Operating Temperature
  • 70 ˚C

The BioCel III filter is classified E10 - E11 in accordance with EN1822 and is designed for high air volume installations. As such, it is the ideal filter for upgrading a non-HEPA HVAC installation into a HEPA installation while also increasing the airflow through the system.


Due to its 4000 m3/h capacity, the BioCel III filter is ideal for new installations. Fewer filters are required to handle the same volume of air, compared to other HEPA filters of the same size.


As a result, less installation space is required and installation time is significantly reduced. In replacement situations, the BioCel III filter offers a low pressure drop that reduces energy costs and prolongs service life. Typical areas of application include clean areas in the pharmaceutical, microelectronic and healthcare industries. This filter’s temperature limit is 70˚C.

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