Product Overview

  • Multi-tray filter with pleated and PU foam media pack
  • Low operation cost with replaceable media tray
  • High removal efficiency with unique mini-pleating technology
  • High adsorption capacity with unique vacuum impregnated process
  • Wide range of media or custom blends for specific application
  • For fresh air unit and recirculation unit


The SAAF™ TY chemical filter is designed for effective removal of medium and low concentrations of gas-phase contamination in fresh air and recirculation air handling systems.


The SAAF™ TY chemical filter, with metal cell sides and a replaceable media tray, performs well in the most demanding applications. The SAAF™ TY filter comes factory-ready for installation, so no special tools are needed to install or replace the media tray.

Choice of Media

The SAAF™ TY filter can be supplied with a wide range of gas specific or custom blended media. These include activated carbon, impregnated carbon, and ion exchange media.

Filter Elements

The SAAF™ TY chemical filter's multi-tray pleated and PU foam media packs are arranged in a V-shape to utilize the maximum amount of media for high air velocity.

The unique mini-pleating technology causes the contaminants to contact the media three times within the filter, thus increasing filter removal efficiency with low pressure drop.

The unique vacuum impregnated process removes contaminants from the media during the impregnation process, improving efficiency and adsorption capacity.




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