The AAF International Group of Companies

AAF International, the world’s largest manufacturer of air filtration solutions, operates production, warehousing and distribution facilities in 22 countries across four continents. With its global headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky, AAF International is committed to protecting people, processes and systems through the development and manufacturing of the highest quality air filters, filtration equipment and containment housings available today. We offer comprehensive, innovative air filtration solutions designed to remove and control airborne particulates and gaseous contaminants in residential, commercial, industrial, cleanroom, transportation, and nuclear power applications.

AAF International is supported in our international ventures through the resources of our parent company, Daikin Industries Ltd., based in Osaka, Japan, a diversified international manufacturing company and a global leader in air conditioning.  

Our Rich History

While AAF is an international company, our global headquarters remain in Louisville, where it was founded in the 1920s. Bill Reed, a skilled engineer and entrepreneur, developed the Reed Air Filter in 1921. This creative filter solution for the automobile industry established the foundation for what is today a global leader in air filtration. His concept was so successful, Reed joined forces with seven other firms to create American Air Filter Co. in 1929. Major company milestones include providing filters for 21 types of Allied aircraft during World War II, and supplying environmental control equipment for underground launch sites and control centres for ballistic missiles during the 1960s.

Looking to the Future

In September 2016, AAF International further demonstrated its commitment to revolutionising air filtration with the opening of its Clean Air Innovation & Research Centre in Jeffersonville, Indiana. The centre represents a significant advancement in research, development and testing efforts for both AAF International and the global air filtration industry. Our Clean AIR Centre engineers and scientists are bringing the next generation of high-performance air filtration products and equipment to market.

A pioneer in clean air innovation for nearly 100 years, AAF International is just getting started. With our combined resources and expertise, we will continue to lead global initiatives that increase productivity, improve processes and protect public health for the next 100 years.