Pollution Levels Indoors Can Be 5 Times Higher Than Outdoors

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is a term that refers to the air quality in your building, breathed in every day by the building’s occupants. The pollution levels in this indoor air can be up to 5 times higher than outdoor levels (in many cases up to 100 times higher), and people spend more than 90% of their time indoors! Additionally, poor IAQ ranks as one of the top five environmental risks to public health, but is often overlooked by key decision makers.

Extensive Studies Show:

34% of American workers feel that 

poor IAQ had caused them to miss work

For every 1.000 workers, poor IAQ results in 

600 sick days per year

Up to 65% of 

asthma cases in school-aged children could be prevented with proper IAQ

In the US up to three to four million hospital-acquired infections occur annually, 

with up to 80.000 fatalities 

Up to 1/3rd of hospital-acquired infections involve airborne transmission

There are 175.268 pages 

on IAQ in the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

56% of commercial maintenance teams actually admit that their 

IAQ maintenance is not carried out per IAQ guidelines

Lack of proper air filtration is the 

#1 cause of poor IAQ

The air inside your building can contain:

  • Mold, spores, pollens 
  • Carbon monoxide, radon, volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
  • Bacteria, viruses and byproducts
  • Vehicle engine exhaust, exhaust from industrial plants
  • Asbestos, clays, elemental particles and man-made fibers

Have Some Concerns About Your IAQ? Here is How We Can Help:

The first step in AAF’s collaborative and consultative approach is to conduct a thorough air filtration audit, where we analyze your current state. We can then give you detailed benchmark data based upon the audit results, as well as a life cycle cost report and a standardized list of filters. As the leading provider of air filtration solutions, we can help you create superior air quality in your building and better manage your HVAC system.

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