Product Overview

  • Low initial resistance
  • Mechanical efficiency - does not rely on electret charge technology
  • Self-support DuraFlex media made from virgin fiber; no wire support needed
  • Consistent media with controlled fiber size and blend
  • Environmentally friendly - no metal, fully incinerable

PerfectPleat HC 

The PerfectPleat HC filter is designed to consistently increase efficiency throughout the service life of the filter. The PerfectPleat HC filter has approximately 25% more media than our standard capacity filter, and is ideal for applications where pleated filters are currently in use and higher performance is desired. It has an initial G4 rating respectively, but the efficiency increases significantly when dust holding begins. PerfectPleat HC filters have distinctive self-supporting characteristics that allow a pleating pattern, which promotes airflow and maximises dust holding capacity (DHC). Lower pressure drop and higher DHC translate into reductions in energy consumption and operating costs.

Superior Design and Construction

The perimeter frame is constructed from the highest wet-strength 28 pt. beverage carrier board, securely bonded to the media pack. The 19 mm model employs three supporting straps on the air-entering and air-leaving sides of the filter to control pleat spacing and support the media pack in the perimeter frame.

Support straps on the air-entering side are used in combination with uniquely designed pleat stabilisers on the air-leaving side of the 2″ model to provide additional strength. The support straps and pleat stabilisers ensure integrity against turbulent airflow. The 44 mm filter resists crushing and abuse and provides excellent lateral stability for installation in side-access systems.