01 January 2014

AAF International announced today that it has entered into a global license agreement with LPD Technologies for access to unique filtration technology patented by LPD Technologies. In conjunction with the license agreement, AAF International will also acquire all plant assets of Filtration Advice, Inc. This investment will strengthen AAF’s leadership in the high performance filtration market.

The agreements will provide AAF International with the ability to utilise and further develop LPD Technologies’ embossed filter media manufacturing process. Embossing filter media allows for increased media surface area over a smaller filter footprint, thereby enabling better airflow across the filter media, enhancing the dust holding capacity of the filter and extending the life of the filter. AAF International’s access to this technology will enable AAF International to introduce next generation filtration products that will provide customers with improved energy savings, higher filter performance and increased filter life.

AAF International expects to complete the acquisition of all Filtration Advice, Inc. plant assets on January 15, 2014. AAF International’s new product development team is already working on several new product applications for launch in 2014 incorporating this innovative technology.