In its most common form a “boiler” is a device which provides hot water for a domestic heating and hot water system. The name boiler is misleading since no water is boiled unless a fault condition occurs. The fuel is likely to be natural gas and no air pollution control issues exist, even in larger commercial applications. In an industrial complex there may be a piped steam supply to deliver thermal energy to various processes. Alternatively the steam raised may be used to drive electrical generators. An industrial boiler is used to raise the steam. The fuel used in the combustion process may be oil, wood, coal or waste materials. Often there will be exhaust gas emission issues which are likely to present not only particulates but often other pollutants such as acid gasses or even dioxins - especially if waste materials are being burned. A well designed air pollution control system will be able to deal with the differing challenges to be met. The AAF FabriPulse XLC is an ideal filter for this application as part of an integrated air pollution control system.