When molten iron from a blast furnace is transferred for further processing using a ladle there may be a cooled metal “skull” of solidified iron left in the bottom of the ladle after the ladle has been poured.  The skull is a rich resource of scrap iron and is often reprocessed by cutting up into more manageable pieces by the use of an oxygen (or oxy propane) lance.  The operator will use the lance to make several cuts through the skull and since the skull metal is being melted, and locally boiled, by the heat of the lancing process there are copious amounts of dense metallic fume produced. Ideally the skull cutting operation should be performed within a booth or at least under a canopy. Since skull cutting is often performed in the open, even modest cross winds can negate the effect of a canopy or hood which is why a mobile booth is to be preferred. Ductwork will convey the collected fume to the filter and fan package. The flow rate will be significant. OptiFlo RC is the ideal collector.