Packing is allied to blending and mixing. Often the blended material of finished product will be batch weighed into sealed containers – either plastic bags of vessels “pots” of some kind. A typical example of packing occurs in the soft drink industry (non-alcoholic beverages).  Powders are automatically added by gravity into a plastic bag or other container.  The batching may be gravimetric (by weight) or volumetric (e.g. by calibrated screw feeder). As each ingredient or the mixture is added to the bag/vessel  provision must be made to draw away any fugitive dust – bearing in mind any air already in the receptacle will be displaced as the product enters and this may carry with it fine powders. Thoughtful design of the hoods and enclosures is essential. Often if the receptacle is a plastic bag some air sweep of the bag neck is employed to clean the plastic so that a good heat seal can be achieved. Ductwork will take the nuisance dust away to a collector – OptiFlo RC or RotoClone type W will be ideal. It is likely ATEX compliance will be needed.