Mixing Reduced 

Food and beverage producers regularly use blending/mixing of ingredients as part of their production process. This will apply also to pharmaceutical and confectionery production.

Blending/mixing usually occurs in a stainless steel vessel, which may be heated and have internal agitation to apply a stirring action. The moment when ingredients are added is when the greatest risk to plant hygiene occurs as often a vessel lid will be open at this time. The risk is of ingredient dust escaping is controlled when the vessel is kept under a slight suction by the connection of an extraction duct connected to a fume / dust extraction system.  If the mixing vessel is heated then vapors will be evolved and extraction should be applied, often with an air-break connection, to draw away the vapours. The RotoClone W compact scrubber and combined fan set is the ideal solution. Its compact dimensions often permit installation close to the application.