There are many processes which potentially give rise to airborne dust whose severity can range from nuisance value to potentially life threatening. Dust is generated at every stage of production, from working at the rock face to despatching the finished product. Compounding the challenge, operators are often faced with extreme  weather conditions, dry and wet processes, and any number of variables based on local conditions and the specific mineral being worked. AAF has applied many of its fundamental air pollution control technologies to these problems and has created specialised equipment and systems to meet the unique needs of this industry. AAF has a full range of products available, plus the expertise to help find the best solutions for each pollution problem. The versatile compact wet scrubber – RotoClone W - has been deployed within quarry plants – for example at the head of an elevator handling hot steaming dolomite - still emitting water vapour. Ordinarily, any ducts leading to a remote filter would soon clog but the compact dimensions of the RotoClone W allow for its location directly above the nuisance source, thus virtually eliminating the need for ductwork. AAF FabriPulse bag filters and OptiFlo RC cartridge filters are also used for crushing, screening and materials handling applications.  The robust design and construction of AAF products has always made them a popular choice for quarry applications.