Snack Food 

Dust and oily vapours characterise many emissions in the snack food industry. These may result in unacceptable discharges to the outdoor environment e.g. from fryers. Sometimes fugitive fume escapes can lead to poor indoor hygiene standards detrimental to employee health and safety. Best Manufacturing Practice (BNP) requires that these issues be addressed both to improve the working environment and reduce the amount of routine cleaning needed. Where colour and flavour are added to snacks (coating drum application), AAF recommends the RotoClone W compact scrubber. Its inherent safety and small physical size usually allow it to be located close by the application, thus minimising the extent of ductwork prone to deposition. The RotoClone W is also made in large sizes capable of dealing with fryer and/or oven applications. Even when large RotoClones are supplied capable of handling greater flow rates, it has a relatively low operating weight and minimal footprint and height which make it suitable for mounting either on the roof or in the space just below the roof. AAF can offer a range of ATEX-compliant pulse jet bag filters and the state of the art OptiFlo RC cartridge filter where dry filtration is required.