Manufacturer Seeks Dust Collection Solution for Paint Spraying Application

Paint spraying is usually carried out in a booth or room. Some spraying practices may produce a significant quantity of over spray that could cause fine paint particulates to contaminate the working environment if not extracted properly. A material coating process, often referred to as powder painting, also produces fine particulates and fumes that may be hygroscopic when exposed to moisture.


 To protect the air quality within a booth, there may be a filtered air supply. The flow rate of extracted air must be matched to the supply rate. If oil based paints are used then an ATEX collector will be required but with modern water based paints this will not apply.


AAF offers a full line of excellent dust extraction and collection equipment that boast a unique set of features and physical characteristics, suitable for various wet or dry paint applications.



Our client is a specialist in the design, manufacture and installation of complete surface treatment lines for the automotive and industrial sectors such as vehicle spray booths and industrial painting lines. Because of the nature of the airborne dust that is created in such environments, the client wanted to sell their specialised rooms alongside a dust collector as a complete solution to their customers. These dust collectors were to be located in the same facility close to the booths and lines to minimise installation costs, reduce housekeeping and to ultimately provide efficient ventilation and filtration of air.



The OptiFlo® RC pulse-jet cartridge collector was selected as the preferred solution because of its efficiency, reduced operational pressure drop, lower compressed air consumption and ATEX option (for explosive dust). In addition, the OptiFlo® RC is available in various sizes so depending on the potential output airflow rate of a booth, there was always a suitable OptiFlo® RC unit to be accompanied with it. The fan and ductwork are engineered to make sure that all of the dust particles are transported to the dust collector. The conservative air-to-cloth ratio provides efficient pulse cleaning, extending cartridge life.



The client is so pleased with the OptiFlo® RC that they have installed their booths with this stalwart dust collector for many years. The dust created by the paint spraying process is filtered by AAF’s REDClean® cartridges (including anti-static cartridges). These cartridges allow operators to reduce power consumption, enhance efficiency and extend the time between cartridge change-outs. The completed dust filtration system has resulted in an effective low energy solution that improves air quality, visibility and a safer working environment for the workers.