Product Overview

  • Sturdy double-walled, die cut polypropylene board frame for highest moisture resistance
  • High dust holding capacity
  • Extends the life of the final filter

Sturdy, Reliable Construction

To ensure the media pack does not rack or deteriorate under difficult and moist operating conditions, it is bonded to the inside of its frame at all points of contact and retained in position by retainers at the sides where air leaves and enters.

Highest Available Arrestance

With an arrestance exceeding 90%, the AmAir Plast offers the highest available arrestance in a panel filter without compromising on service life. This is achieved through use of a unique filter media, which optimises the affecting parameters.

Long Service Life

The AmAir Plast has a 20% higher dust holding capacity than other disposable panel filters, which directly translates into longer actual service life and better replacement filter economy.

Media Utilisation

Dust is collected evenly over the entire surface of the media. Media usage is maximised, resulting in a more gradual rise in resistance, which in turn has a positive effect on energy consumption and service life.

Reinforced Frame

The reinforced plastic frame construction ensures premium performance in moist conditions and turbulent airflow. The AmairPlast can be close coupled to the high efficiency filter or retained in separate filter bank.

Easy Handling

The AmAir Plast is directly interchangeable with all disposable panel filters, media pads in metal frames or permanent filters used in built-up filter banks and side access systems. No modifications are necessary to the frames or latches.

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